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What's going on in Peru?
2014-11-10 16:11:35
The prestigious magazine National Geographic chose Machu Picchu (Machu Pichu,Machu Pichu, Macchu Pichu, Machupicchu) as the destination for the adventurous traveler this 2015:::

"Located high in the Peruvian Andes, Machu Picchu remained hidden from the world for hundreds of years. Explore the well-preserved Inca ruins in this gallery presented by National Geographic, "quotes the phrase posted on its website.
2014-10-29 12:10:34

The Inca Trail was considered one of the 50 travel experiences that you never forget in life for those of, ranking 8th place in history and everything it stands for every inch of the trail. 

The world is full of jewels spread across five continents, some natural and others that are great creations of man as the Inca Trail is ideal for adventurers and dreamers who want to know even more room.

2014-10-13 16:10:41

Peru has been nominated once again for Best Culinary Destination, Best Destination in South America (Lima), Best Green Destiny (Peru) and Best Tourist Office (Promperú) regional awards in the World Travel Awards (WTA) 2014.  :::

In 2013, Peru was designated as the official venue for the first time in order to celebrate the regional round for Central, South America and the Caribbean. 
For this reason you should not miss the opportunity to mix a bit of history, tradition and above all flavor to your trip with our culinary classes in the capital of the Inca Empire.

2014-09-18 08:09:52
Happy day Pachamama. 
On August 1, in several countries in Latin America and especially in Peru, a ritual of thanks to the Pachamama or Mother Earth is revived (and thus fertility thereof) a ritual that survived the Spanish colonization and crossed borders.

2014-06-27 18:06:51

Inti Raymi, in the Quechua language "Festival of the Sun" is an ancient Andean religious ceremony in honor of Inti (the sun god), each winter solstice takes place in the Andes, all on June 24.
This year the ceremony was over 40,000 spectators in the first two scenes
Over 40,000 people gathered in the temple of Koricancha and the Plaza de Armas of Cusco, to appreciate this memorable ceremony of Inti Raymi, the final part, was develop in the afternoon at the archaeological site of Sacsayhuaman.
The mayor of the provincial municipality of Cusco, Luis Flores Garcia, mentioned that during the first scene, the actor Nivardo Carrillo from Chumbivilca, who represent the Inca Pachacutec, singing the inti "sun god" on is the Bastion of Koricancha.


2014-06-27 17:06:43

During the week of June 24 to 29, held the week of Iquitos tour, where you can enjoy various gastronomic, artistic, cultural and mystical activities in conjunction with the traditional festival of "San Juan" celebration held in all villages department and the jungle of Peru.

2014-06-12 09:06:41

Colca is one of the major tourist destination of Peru, Located at the northeast corner of the white city of Arequipa, Caylloma province.
Considered the second deepest canyon in Peru, and the fourth worldwide, with a depth of 3,400 meters. He received between January and May this visit of 70.884 tourists, and local and foreign, the figure is slightly higher than in the same period last year.
The manager of the Autonomous Municipality of Colca, Jesus Yucra indicated that because of the festivities of the patriotic month in July, have scheduled various activities to attract the interest of foreign and local tourists who take advantage of the mid-year holidays, with to learn more about our fascinating culture and the bounties of nature.
We invite you to be part of the Peruvian culture.

2014-06-10 16:06:48

More than a ritual, the Qeswachaka bridge was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, this activity is done every year, through a rite from the time of the Incas.
All families from nearby communities involved in the collection of natural fiber - Braided forage (ICHU), this wonderful work is over the Apurimac River and is part of a section of the Andean road system, known as the Qhapac Nan.
The hanging structure is located at 3,700 meters above sea level and has a length of 28 meters by 1.20 meters wide, located in the district of Quehue, in the region of Cusco.
For the preservation of the art of bridge construction and tradition, four communities send twenty young to train each year, this ensures that customs prevail with the passing of the years

.Peruvian Minister of Culture, Diana Alvarez Calderon gave the order for the Unesco communities and authorities involved in the maintenance of the bridge Q”eswachaka.

2014-06-11 18:06:47

The Beautiful Inca citadel, declared Natural and Cultural Heritage Site by Unesco. 
He was regarded as the most desired by travelers of the World, after a million votes, from a list of 30 destinations, is one of the three favorite adventure travel destination.
Proving that the Inca culture, attractions and Peru are in the eyes of the world.

2014-05-19 10:05:41
The long-awaited reopening to the public of the Tucume site museum, in northern Peru’s Lambayeque region, is due in August this year, expecting to host 53,000 annual visitors. Bernanda Delgado, director of the cultural complex, said the newly renovated on-site museum will showcase a recently unearthed highly-ranked member of Peru’s Inca period to domestic and foreign tourists. “We have a museologist team in which the renowned archaeologist Etna Quispe takes the lead," she said in statements to Andina news agency. Delgado continued, "Quispe is in charge of a group of professionals with expertise in museum-quality model building, lighting and storage cabinets”. Once completed the architectural works, the museum will feature three new exhibit areas, including the main room, which will display an Inca ruler; while the hall of gods and the later room will be dedicated to the god Naylamp and a mix of Peruvian pre- Hispanic period with present times, respectively. "This new museum will be very playful, interactive and visual as we want to make it more attractive compared to others where the visitor just tour the site by watching the items and listening the guide," Delgado said. The Ollanta Humala’s administration, through the country's Culture Ministry has allocated more than 10 million soles (US$ 3.56 million) to update this nation's landmark on-site museum which is located 33-km (20.5 miles) of the region's capital Chiclayo.
2014-05-19 10:05:20
Peru is gaining popularity as a top global tourism destination for Asian travelers from Japan, South Korea and Singapore, according to the country's Foreign Trade and Tourism Ministry (Mincetur). "The most standing- out factor explaining this result is the well-run Peruvian government’s tourism strategy aimed at promoting the Andean nation abroad," Mincetur said. The government is implementing a strong and thriving marketing campaign aimed at persuading people to holiday in Peru by displaying its enormous range of beautiful and high- quality tourism destinations. “We have thirty six Commercial Offices of Peru Abroad (OCEX), which seek to increase the number of overseas visitors coming to the country from the afore-mentioned Asian nations," Mincetur said. Moreover, the ministry noted various activities are being carried out in conjunction with Peru’s consulates and embassies through the organization travel trade fairs and press-tours. “These initiatives have allowed a large team of journalists from Korea, Singapore, Japan and other Asian countries to attend recently-held tourism international fairs focus on Peru,” the sector noted. Peru targes to become a top-tier worldwide travel destination for travelers from the United States, where the Andean nation ranks third among the preferences of American families.
2014-05-14 17:05:17
Peru’s capital Lima stands out as the leading Latin American city to do business, due to the expansion of the country’s economy and the ongoing implementation of various massive infrastructure projects, according to an annual list made by the Bogotá Rosario University.
The study reveals the Andean nation’s capital is followed by Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Argentina and Sao Paulo, Brazil, although these last two actually dropped from the previous ranking.
Lima last year was listed number four, and most probably the current advance can be attributed to the expansion of the Peruvian economy, 5 percent, the concession for a second metro line in Lima, the many other infrastructure plans and the growing number of trans-national and multi-Latin corporations that have moved into the city.
The Intelligence report from the Competitive Strategies Center, belonging to the Rosario University lists 51 Latin American cities taking into account a series of factors such as purchasing power; economic dynamism; financial potential, business friendliness reputation, manpower and urban comfort.
Moreover, the index consults data from other rankings such as Google Business; Alexa portal; leading businesspeople from the region and the country’s calendar of international fairs and business events.
“There has been a State policy from the last five administration regarding commitment to a transparent economy, fiscal prudence and freedom to make business. We’re a reliable long term country”, said Alfonso García Miró, head of the Peruvian Confederation of Private Enterprises, Confiep.
This can be checked by the previous rankings: in 2010, Lima was ranked ninth; in 2011, 7; in 2012, fourth and in 2013 it stood firmly in the same position.
Nevertheless, this does not mean the Peruvian capital does not have problems: contrary to other countries in the top of the list, reported.
For instance, Lima does not have its own offices to attract investment, except for Pro Inversion, which is extended to the whole country.

2014-03-27 16:03:10
Renowned Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio spoke about the importance of investing in innovation to boost Peru's economic growth during the 4th "Visiones" Forum held on Tuesday in Lima. Acurio and Peruvian Minister of Housing, Construction and Sanitation Milton Von Hesse were the keynote speakers on the conference "Recipes for innovation: Beyond the success of the Peruvian gastronomy." The forum, under the theme "Innovation for a growing country," addressed issues such as social responsability and development. It was was organized by the Spanish Embassy in Lima and the Chamber of Commerce of Spain in Peru. Attending the event were Spanish Ambassador Juan Carlos Sánchez, Lima's Mayor Susana Villaran, the president of Spain's Chamber of Commerce in Peru, Ignacio Baena. Other keynote speakers were Spanish experts Lluis Millet and Manuel Cendoya, who talked about "The challenge of the Pan American Games 2019: Can sports change a country"? and "How easy is innovation? Public and private agenda of innovation in Peru," respectively.
2014-03-27 16:03:39
Peru's export and tourism promotion board PromPeru will participate in the 2014 Expo Mayoristas 2014, the leading tourism and largest travel fair in Mexico. This year's edition of the travel show will take on March 20- 21, 2014, in the cities of Mexico D.F. and Merida. At the event the government agency will promote the main tourist Peruvian destinations among the most important Mexican tour operators. Likewise, PromPeru is scheduled to take part of the "Door to Door" event to be held in Mexican capital from March 17-19, 2014. This four-day event will provide tour operators from the Aztec country updated information about tourist destinations in the Andean country with the aim to attract more visitors and foreign investors.
2014-03-27 16:03:47
The Colca Valley, one of Peru’s top tourist destinations, is expected to attract over 5,000 tourists during the upcoming Holy Week, Fredy Jimenez Barrios, head of the Autonomous Colca Authority. According to Jimenez, the majority of tourists coming to the valley will be Peruvians who are taking advantage of the long weekend to enjoy their vacations inside the country. "In recent years, we have noticed that many people choose the Colca Valley as a tourist destination to enjoy the long holiday and to know the religious customs of the local people," Jimenez said. The site's big draws are the local cuisine, which during the religious holidays consists of wheat, quinoa, amaranth, beans, cheese, and corn; and the valley’s 19 temples, which date back to colonial times. In 2013, the natural landscapes of Colca Valley, attracted more than 257,000 domestic and foreign visitors. The Colca Valley, approximately 160 kilometers from Arequipa in southern Peru, is a colorful Andean valley with pre-Inca roots and towns founded in Spanish colonial times. It is home to the magnificent Andean condor.
2014-03-21 13:03:04
El portal E News! Dio a conocer una lista de los 15 lugares mejores lugares del mundo para tomarse un ‘selfie’ o un autorretrato. Entre los sitios naturales que tienen las características necesarias para que uno gane muchos ‘likes’ en redes sociales se encuentra Machu Picchu, una de las Maravillas del Mundo.
Según dicho medio, visitar la maravilla sudamericana representa el sueño de muchos. “Este lugar del siglo XV ubicado en Perú, tiene espectaculares vistas, una vibra y magia increíble que se hará notar en tu fotografía”, señala.
Entre otros lugares favoritos se encuentran: la bajada en tobogán desde la Gran Muralla de China, el paraíso italiano de Cinque Terre, las cuevas de hielo Mendenhall en Juneau (Alaska), el espectacular Cañón Antílope (Arizona) y Ontario, un lugar siendo tirado por perros.
A estos se suma ciudad del Cabo (Sudáfrica), Parque Nacional Yellowstone (Estados Unidos),
2014-03-12 18:03:41
The whole family of Perú Agency performed this magnificent adventure in the Sacred Valley of the Incas "Pachar" located between Urubamba or Ollantaytambo. The activity on Sacred Valley zip-line gives people of all ages the opportunity to fly over this magical and magnificent valley, in a safe and fun way.  The zip line has 6 lines or cables, from 150mt to 500mt, for a total of 2000mt.  To get to the first line, a 35-minute hike is made, some parts equipped with a via ferrata system to give maximum security and confidence to all adventurous people. No experience required.
To get more details about zipline here

2014-01-29 16:01:32
In the first half of February , the Regional Government of Cusco returned to the Ministry of Transport (MTC ) land, completely sanitized , where the new Chinchero International Airport will be built.

This was announced by Daniel Maraví , Manager of Economic Development Regional Government , to confirm that tomorrow will begin the payment to the replacement of their houses to villagers in the district of Chinchero, those in the affected polygon construction air terminal.

He recalled that the 102 families of commoners will have a commitment to withdraw from the area within 48 hours. In turn, Infrastructure Management is committed to clean all areas within 24 hours.

Speaking to the Daily Cusco, Maraví explained that the process comes from last year, when a group of expert engineers valorised the price of each home . In total approximately 9 million 680 thousand nuevos soles are disbursed .

"Once the land is socially release in the district of Chinchero, immediately we will deliver fit for the Ministry of Transport , the same that will be formalized in the first fortnight of February," he said.
2014-01-29 16:01:36
President Ollanta Humala Tasso said today that the International Court of Justice ( ICJ)  Haya  recognized to Peru  in its final ruling on the maritime dispute with Chile, a space that can be calculated at about 50,000 square kilometers of sovereign rights for the country .

" Peru can feel satisfied with the work accomplished and has allowed the recognition of sovereign rights over a maritime area of about 50,000 square kilometers , representing over 70 percent of our demand," he said in a statement at the Palace government .

He noted that Peru is located pleased with the outcome of this option for peace . "Today we can proclaim the victory of peace , which is the victory of all , it is the victory of the Peruvian people ," he said .

"This process closes an important chapter of our republic because it defines the entire border of Peru with our brothers in South America and in the region. Today we have to do now is to improve the development of our people and optimize border cultural , economic trade with all countries of the region for this process allows us to continue to drive development with social inclusion, " he said.

In his speech , President Humala said Tacna border with Chile city, not be prejudiced by the judgment of the Court in The Hague, and reported that it has provided to the relevant authorities promote the development works in the region.

2014-01-29 16:01:12
Four Peruvian hotel establishments leading the ranking of the "25 Best Luxury Hotels " in South America prepared by the specialized site TripAdvisor , based on the opinion of its rating .

In the first place of the 2014 Travellers Choice in Luxury category , the Nazarene Palace Cusco, belonging to Orient- Express , which also ranks 11th in the ranking of top hotels worldwide hotel is located.

The second box -ranked South America is occupied by Casa Cartagena Boutique Hotel & Spa ( Cusco). In three four posts Tambo del Inka Luxury Collection Resort & Spa and La Casona Inkaterra appear , both located in Cusco.

The fifth place is the Chilean hotel Awasi - Ralais & Chateaux . The top ten is completed by the Ponta dos Hooks ( Brazil ) , Lirolay Suites ( Argentina ) , Luma Casa de Montana ( Argentina ) , The Singular Patagonia ( Chile) and Between Heaven ( Argentina ) establishments.

Other Peruvian hotels are listed Palacio del Inka Luxury Collection Hotel in Cusco (since 11); Hilton Lima Miraflores ( position 22 ) and DCO Suites, Lounge & Spa, located in Mancora ( 24th ) .

The Top 25 luxury hotels in one click :



The Travellers Choice 2014 also show other regional rankings where the presence of other Peruvian hotels.

In the category of the "25 Best Hotels " in South America include five Peruvian establishments: Nazarene Palace Cusco (since 2) , Tambo del Inka Luxury Collection Resort & Spa ( Rank 4 ) , Palacio del Inka Luxury Collection Hotel in Cusco ( 11th ), Sol & Luna Lodge & Spa Urubamba ( 14th ) and Hotel Atton Lima ( No. 18 ) .
2014-01-11 15:01:44
Peru’s Ministry of Culture is evaluating a series of changes to visitor services at Machu Picchu, including relocating the checkpoint entrance and staggering visits in two admission schedules.

In a statement, the ministry said that the checkpoint entrance would be located near the Manuel Chavez Ballon museum, which is on the road that leads up to the Machu Picchu ruins from the town of Aguas Calientes.

The checkpoint entrance is currently a narrow, cramped area next to the Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge at the Inca citadel itself, where visitors line up for the stringent ticket inspection.

Other changes in the revised Machu Picchu Master Plan include a more comprehensive prevention program against forest fires in the sanctuary, and the possibility of including ecotoilets, although this is being evaluated against experiences and solutions at other world heritage sites.

The major change, however, may be in the ticketing system to the citadel.

In an interview with Infotur, the Minister of Culture, Diana  Alvarez-Calderon, said her ministry was looking at a possible change in the ticketing system, to establish two admission periods to the site —one in the morning and another in the afternoon— in order to even out the load of visitors at the ruins at any given time.

“Ninety percent of the visitors go in the morning, and only 10 percent in the afternoon,” Alvarez-Calderon said. “We will change the ticketing system so that more people can enter in the afternoons, and that will require the trains to have different schedules.”

Meanwhile, the new regional director of Cusco’s Culture office, Ricardo Ruiz-Caro, said that relocating the entrance will allow not only for a more spacious and comfortable facility for visitors —including rest rooms, a first aid center, and a coat check service— but also a more complete museum with detailed information from original and recent research and excavations.  The current Manuel Chavez Ballon museum will become a well-equipped research center for new studies.

The changes are expected to be implemented for the 2015 season.

Machu Picchu is Peru’s top tourist attraction. Some 2,500 local and international tourists visit the site every day, according to the Culture Ministry.
2014-01-08 09:01:53
Machu Picchu started the year with a new recognition by the TripAdvisor website. This time, the well-known travel portal made ​​the list of "The 12 trips you have to do in life", where climbing the Inca Trail to the Historic Sanctuary highlights along with other tourist activities in various parts of the world.

The list also include admiring the Northern Lights in North Iceland (Iceland) sleeping on a bungalow over the water in Bora Bora (South Pacific), tour the canals in a gondola in Venice (Italy), in addition to visiting the wonder of Taj Mahal (India).

Also in this count are also present to explore the ancient pyramids of Giza (Egypt), tour the Great Wall of China, travel to the edge of Niagara Falls (Canada), among other great activities.
2014-01-08 09:01:57
The Feast in honor of Virgin of Candelaria, patron of the city of Puno, is made in the first fortnight of February each year, and represents the largest and most important cultural event, musical and dancing by Peru, and one of the three most significant in South America along with Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and the Carnaval de Oruro, in the amount of symbols and artistic and cultural manifestations of the cultures themselves Quechua, Aymara and mixed by Highlands Andean and the volume of people directly and indirectly involved in its realization.
This party is uninterruptedly celebrated since 1960. It convokes many communities and dance groups of the whole south area of Peru and foreign delegations who are presented in big artistic competitions arriving with their own musical groups and dramatize in beautiful choreographs in parades by the streets and contest dance in the Torres Belón stadium of Puno.
2014-01-08 09:01:24

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Places and activities recommended in Sacred Valley
Few places in the Tahuantinsuyo could compete against the beauty and wealthy of this valley, for this reason it received that name. Its character of "sacred" has survived the pass of the time and that magic continues seducing the visitors. Most of them, surrendered to its enchants, decide to leave everything and settle under the shadow of the eucalyptus, at the bank of the Urubamba.
The Sacred Valley has become one of the most important tourist centers in the country. Apart from the incomparable historic wealth, the area of Urubamba offers infinitive possibilities to enjoy for the tourist: trekking, thermal baths, rafts or kayaks rides, paragliding or hang gliding, horseriding, climbing, etc. Lately they have developed participating tourist programmes inviting the visitor, for instance, to work in a terrace or collect salt from the salt pools. The Sacred Valley also holds two of the most important handicraft markets of Cusco (Cuzco): Pisac (Pisaq) and Chinchero.
Although the tourist infrastructure has grown meaningfully in the last years and today we offer a variety of accommodation and restaurant facilities, the valley has managed to preserve its natural enchanting peace.

Geographic location:
Yucay was the name the Incas used to call this fertile valley, one of the most fertile of Peru: its Sacred Valley. They used to be lands of the Inca and his successors , then the Spaniards recognized their possessions thanks to royal favours that granted those territories to the Inca nobility. As a prove of those times we find the palace of Sayri Tupac in Yucay.

The Sacred Valley of the Incas spreaded along the Vilcanota river (the same that going down takes the name of Urubamba or Willcamayu). It embraces the area included between the towns of Pisac and Ollantaytambo.It is located at 15 km to the North of Cusco. It is at 27km (1 hour) to the Northeast of Cusco and you can get there through an asphalted road in good conditions.
It is possible to get there by two asphalted roads: the first one is the most used leaving from Cusco by Chinchero (28km) to Urubamba (57 km).
The second important road leaves from Cusco to the northeast towards Pisac (32 km) going next to the Vilcanota River up to the village of Calca (50 km) exactly in the heart of the valley. The first route is the most used due to its excellent conditions.
In the valley, there are a series of picturesque towns ( some of them has beautiful colonial churches), terraces and other archaeological remains, as well as the most famous corn in the world. Due to all these and its exceptional climate, the Sacred Valley has became a destiny no one visiting Cusco can miss.
Among the tourist activities we have the andinism practised in the snowy peaks of Chicon, Vtkav Willca (also known as Puma Sillo or Veronica), Piturisay, Sawasiray, Terijway and Sunchobamba (all of them are tops of the the chain of mountains of the Vilcanota up to 5000 meters high), trekking, rafting (along Pisac, Calca, Huaran, Ollantaytambo), horsing and mountain riding. In the town along the valley there are numerous hotels and restaurants of typical food. We recommend to spend the night in one of them.

Climate: It is at 2800 m.a.s.l.. Its climate is not so severe. As in any other place on this altitude, its climate has two seasons: rainy and dry season. Rainy season is between November and April. The heavy rain may fall suddenly and unfortunately we can not always enjoy a blue sky. But rainy season has its advantages as the hills are covered with thick grass and it is warm.
During dry season the colors of the sky are brilliant but air is dry so the skin seem to break. Generally nights are cold and it can be freezing at dawn. The sky full of stars becomes a real show this time. Talking about its climate, the Sacred Valley is the perfect place. The ancient Peruvians realized that so they came here to get cure from their diseases. Despite of reaching high temperatures and being in an area full of vegetation, there are not mosquitoes in this valley due to its altitude. Besides, we hardly get hot as there is always cool air.

The Road: If you go by car, it would be useful to know that going out by Saphi street you will find San Carlos petrol station where you can get gasoline and check your car comfortably.
Following the route you will arrive at San Cristobal, and if you have time you can visit the church and admire the most popular protecting saints in Cusco. The road to the Sacred Valley is the same to go to Sacsayhuaman so if you desire and have time you could also visit the ruins of this complex: Quenco, Puca Pucara and Tambomachay.
The amazing detail of the road is that leaving Cusco means going up to the mountains surrounding Cusco so you will admire the most impressive sights of the city, especially at sunset and sunrise. If light and time are favorable, you can take magnificent photos. From these points it is possible to admire the layout of the city carefully. When days are clear, the contrast between the red roofs and the blue sky is spectacular.

By the path of the Eucalyptus: The path is nice even though it is a little curved. Along all the way, the eucalyptus and the genista go with the traveler. Four minutes far from Tambomachay and we get to the creek of Corao and the belvedere, from where we admire the valley. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays they celebrate a handicraft fair there.

Pisaq is located 30 km from Cusco and it takes approximately 45 minutes by bus to get there. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays there are crafts fairs in the town's main square, with the participation of artisans from the whole town who maintain a constant productive activity throughout the entire year. 9 km from the town of Pisaq, high in the mountains in the midst of cultivated terraces and the Inca constructions you can find the homes of the people who live in the Andes. Here there are 6 citadels which make up a stunning architectonic and historic panorama of the area.
It is a town of Inca origin at 76 km far from Cusco by Pisac, and at 57 km (45 minutes) by Chinchero. It is located in the same heart of Urubamba valley and it is surrounded by beautiful landscapes outstanding the snowy peak of Chicon and the fields. It was one of the main agricultural centers of the Inca empire. In its square we find a colonial church. There are several hotels, taverns and rural restaurants.

Ollantaytambo is 97km from Cusco. It was an agricultural, administrative, religious, military and social complex for the Incas which the Spaniards called "Fortaleza".

Maras /Moray
Maras is located in the district of Maras, at a height of 3,380 meters above sea level, at a distance of 48,880 km from Cusco. Two roads come out of the town of Maras, one to the archaeological complex of Moray and the other to the salt mines of Maras, both approximately 6 km away from the town. The population of Maras can appreciate the range of snow-capped mountains around the Sacred Valley of the Incas and Vilcabamba.

Chinchero is located at a height of 3700 meters. The population lives in dwellings whose foundations and stone walls come from pre-Hispanic constructions, with colonial and modern additions. People here conserves their typical way of dressing, which is notable for the vivacity of colours and designs. They also barter at the Sunday fairs just as they did in the time of the Incas, though the residents now also use monetary transactions.
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